Sunday, May 31, 2009

Earning $ from Underground Paid Link Broker

What is Underground Paid Link Broker?
Paid link broker is a personal or company that deputizing an online advertising or SEO Consulting that connecting among advertiser and publisher. It named Underground only for differentiating from a formal organizer like SponsoredReviews, Blogsvertise, or LinkWorth. The difference from a formal organizer is Underground paid link broker will direct email the owner of the site/blog to offer a deal to be advertiser.

Amount that offered by Underground paid link broker is good enough, it usually among $100 to $200 for 3 text-based link that you have to put in article on the blog. Usually they pick an article them self, to put their text-based link in it.

Bellow is few tips that may be can help to gain offer from Underground Paid Link Broker.

First, there is no need for a long article; the important thing is your blog must be written in English. If you not good in English, you should find a free article and you can rewrite it in your style of writing.

Second, it is better if your blog have a more specific topic. Usually Underground Paid Link Broker looked for a games, gadget, technology, travel, and health topic. If you have no idea what topic will you use, may be you should consider to use these topic above.

Third, review with images is most preferred by underground paid link broker. You can write review about any product, review software, review program, review games or review anything that have related to business online.

Forth, add your contact box on the place that easy to seen by them. You may add some sentences like “Contact me if you want to buy text-based ads on this site” or “Contact us to get our latest inexpensive text-based ads rates”; it will really help for underground paid link broker to contact you.

Fifth, try to use a simple and clean site/blog template; Choose you widget wisely, use if you have to use, there is no need to use many un-useful widget, because these widget will only slowing down you site/blog loading. Underground Paid Link Broker only considering Google PR, Alexa Rank and age of you blog compared to you blog design.

Sixth, focus to raise your site/blog ranking, like Google Page Rank, Alexa Rank, and Technorati Rank by doing some of SEO Base technique. There is no need for an advanced technique if you are not good enough. Try to get PR-1 from google for a minimum requirement.

Seventh, update your site/blog routinely, at least two post article for a week. This is a important point to Underground Paid Link Broker too, because it show them that you are really serious in managing you site/blog.

Eight, be patient and be persistent. At the same time await, you can monetize your other site/blog with other most popular program like Google Adsense, Amazone Associates or TribalFusion.

Those all are eight simple tips, hope will helpful to monetize your site/blog. All now is up to you, at the end every hard work will come with result.


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