Sunday, May 17, 2009

Useful Information about Internet Business

In this opportunity, i would like to introduce you how we earn money from internet. There is a lot of way for us to do that, start from Pay Per Click, Pay To Review, make a higly traffic site and offer the other to advertise in our site or blog with a bit payment that we set before.

One other we will discuss in this article is about earning money from Google. It's a part of Pay Per Click program, this is one of google service and google call it Google Adsense. The good news is, we can start participate in this program without any invesment in other word "zero investment". All you have to do is register to google account and begin submit you site or blog to this program, then you have wait for Google approval. I suggest your site or blog already have at least ten post or topic to get the approval smoothly, I will discuse this later. That is one of my tips, there is many tips to get those approval, you just need more googling.

If you have not have any site or blog than you can build your own, but you don't need to buy a Hosting or domain, there is a lot of free Domain and hosting also you can use a blog, and you can get it all on the internet, all you have to do is make a little search. You just have to choose what you like most. For a very simple example you can create account on blogger, next you have to choose the name of your blog so that it should be the main theme on your owned blog. One tip before choosing your blog name, if your blog is about online business for blogger then your blog name can be like "online-business-for-blogger", this type of name will help you rank higher in search engines for your target topic.

Now you have blog, then what to do? You should create an articles of course. Write your experience and make it into an interesting article, avoid copy-paste from others blog articles, there will be less chances of you blog to appear in the search results if you do that. Making you blog as unique as possible and as useful as possible from other blog will make visitor like you blog, and that mean you blog traffic will increase.

Just like what I said at the begining of this article, I suggest you to have ten unique article or post before you decided to participate in Google Adsense, why? Cause in my experience content does matter, it is an important thing so that your blog will be approved. Try not to make any prohibited topics, usually you will be approved within a week.

After you adsense account get approved, now you have to setup ads for your blog. Google adsense offer many type of ads, you can find it in "Adsense Setup" menu, and try to be wise while choosing and placing ads to suit you blog. The last thing to do is promote your blog on other websites, directories, article directories, blogs, by email, link-exchange and many more other way. Google adsense minimum payout is $100, more traffic you will get, more people will click on your google ads and that mean more income for you.


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